HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — At a community meeting Tuesday night, Henrico police revealed that the owner of 7200 West Durwood Crescent has been charged with nine counts of manufacturing or possessing an explosive device, six counts of illegal fireworks, possession with intent to distribute, setting booby traps and maintaining a fortified drug house.

A Tuckahoe neighborhood had a community meeting Wednesday night to discuss the incident at the home which took place just a few weeks ago. Two people were arrested and neighborhood homes were evacuated after officials found explosive materials at the Durwood Crescent house.

The community meeting shed light on lingering questions that the neighborhood had following the incident. According to Henrico Police, nobody at the meeting was a part of the investigative team, as the investigation is ongoing.

The officer said the man arrested on March 16 was 52-year-old Henrico resident Michael Hardy. He is being held without bond after officials seized over 100 items –which police said were mostly drugs, firearms and bomb-making materials– from his home. A drug dog and robots were used during the search of the property.

Michael O. Hardy, 52, of Henrico. Photo Courtesy: Henrico County Sheriff’s Office

The Charges

Hardy has been charged with a total of 17 felony charges and six misdemeanor charges, for a total of 23 charges.

Drugs, firearms, and bombs were all found at the property, and according to the officer, Hardy has been charged with nine felony counts of manufacturing or possessing an explosive device, six counts of illegal fireworks, one felony count of manufacturing a controlled substance of crack cocaine, and various charges involving possession with intent to distribute after officials found meth, Xanax, fentanyl and crack cocaine on the property.

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Palkovics said although Hardy is being charged with possession of meth, “there was no meth lab in the house,” and “there was no meth lab material in the house.”

Hardy has also been charged with setting at least one booby trap, maintaining a fortified drug house and possession of firearms while illegally manufacturing or distributing a schedule I or II controlled substance.

The Evacuation

Around 20 Henrico households within a 100-yard radius of the Tuckahoe community home were evacuated by police earlier in March, after local investigators, alongside federal officials at the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives found “items consistent with explosive material” during the execution of a search warrant at 7200 West Durwood Crescent.

At the community meeting, a Henrico officer said that the initial evacuation was for homes in the immediate vicinity of the Hardy house, but then residents called police about Hardy previously “shooting things off in the back yard” and was seen digging in the back yard.

Based on that info and initial findings, the officer said they expanded the evacuation

Records show that Henrico Police received almost 47 calls to service to 7200 Durwood Crescent over the past five years. Out of those 47 calls, 20 police reports were made.

Police said the woman that was originally arrested with Hardy, 21-year-old Sydney Crowe, has been transferred to another state, it’s unclear the reason why.

This article was written with additional reporting by 8News Reporter Ben Dennis.