LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A jury in Louisa County found 25-year-old Anthony Davenport guilty of multiple charges connected to the death of his roommate Terrell Bailey.

According to a release from Louisa County Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney, Davenport was convicted of first degree murder, use of firearm in the commission of murder, and concealing a dead body last week. His pre-sentence report is scheduled for January.

Davenport and Bailey were living with two other men in Powhatan County when the murder occurred.

According to the release, the issues leading up Bailey’s death started in the household on June 9, 2019 when Davenport suspected one of his roommates of stealing from him and beat him with a baseball bat. Later that month on June 18, 2019, Davenport told the roommate that he was wrong, apologized for the attack, and told him he now thought Bailey had stolen from him instead.

Davenport told their landlord that Bailey needed to leave. The attorney then goes on to explain that Davenport woke Bailey up around 10 p.m. that night to make him move out and pack his things.

That night, Davenport sent a text that read, “It’s the people close to me that has shattered the remaining humanity I had left.”

When Bailey left the home, that was the last time anyone else saw him alive. Evidence shows that Davenport went to Louisa County that night.

There, about 50 miles from their Powhatan residence, a farmer found Bailey’s body near a wooded area.

After the murder, the attorney’s release says Davenport tried to escape to New York but was caught there and taken into custody.

“The defendant killed Terrell Bailey in cold-blood over the perceived theft of a few missing items.  Fortunately, a thorough investigation and detailed forensic analysis led to the apprehension of the killer” Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Wood said. “The callous actions of Anthony Davenport have cost the Bailey family a son and will result in him spending decades, if not the rest of his life, in prison.”