RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC)– An Uber driver in Richmond is searching for answers after she says she was robbed at gunpoint by her passenger. The robber took the driver’s cell phone and car and is still on the loose.

It was Rose Beverly’s first ride of the day on Friday, July 30, when she picked up a man around 3 a.m.

Beverly was notified of a passenger by the name of Rose who wanted to stop at the Wawa along Brook Road. She said they had a normal conversation.

“He was cool. I thought he was a good guy,” Beverly said.

Her initial impression quickly changed after the passenger began making demands after they left the Wawa.

“I just had peace with that was going to be my last, so I was at peace with that moment,” Beverly said.

She said the passenger, who sat directly behind her in the back seat, yelled out specific directions.

“He just kind of creeped up and leaned over like this with the gun … and he put it to my neck,” Beverly said.

Beverly said they ended up in a driveway near Laburnum and Noble Avenues. He then forced her out of the car and took off with Beverly’s phone, vehicle and some money.

Police responded minutes later and looked at Wawa’s surveillance footage. Officers found the vehicle hours later.

This incident triggered flashbacks from a past relationship that Beverly described as abusive.

“Since then I cannot even talk to men and I can barely drive, so it just added on to just that trauma,” she said

Now Beverly is calling for the robber to turn himself in.

“Even though I don’t really like all the things of the justice system, there are a lot of things it can do to help you think about your choices in life,” she said.

Beverly is hoping that anyone who knows who the robber is, or if they have any information about the incident to call the Richmond Police Department or Crime Stoppers.