RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Richmond Police Department and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Police Department after looking for a group of vandals who they say targeted multiple cars parked in the Carver neighborhood earlier this month.

A group of people put blue, pink and yellow spray paint across the doors, windows and hoods of cars parked near West Clay Street and Catherine Street.

Users of the community social media app, Nextdoor, posted surveillance video of the group of vandals. According to neighbors, at least six cars were hit on Tuesday, March 14. Most of the cars have been cleaned up since then.

Richmond Police said they’re reviewing security video near the scene to find the vandals. VCU Police detectives believe a group of juveniles may be responsible, however, they have not identified anyone at this time.

Robert Miller, who lives near the scene, said he was surprised when he watched the vandalism on video.

“I was kind of shocked how people are like disrespectful to other people’s property like that. I feel bad for the people,” he said. Miller noticed how young the vandals look in age.

“Trying hang out with the crowd or like peer pressure. I would say that’s what happened, because you got one person looking like he wants to be the leader, but lead people in the right direction,” he added. “I mean come on. Some people want to be followers and leaders, so I’d rather be a leader.”

Richmond Police said if the damage to the cars is estimated over $1,000, the vandals could be charged with a felony.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact VCU Police at 804-828-1196, or by using the free LiveSafe app. Anonymous tips will be accepted.