GOOCHLAND, Va. (WRIC) — The Goochland County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents to stay vigilant after they received reports of scam callers claiming to be from the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office.

According to a warning posted to Facebook, the caller poses as “Detective Jim Woods,” telling callers that they have failed to appear in court and will need to appear at the Sheriff’s Office for a “signature verification.”

Scammers have reportedly known details such as the full name and address of recipients. However, the most convincing detail, according to the Goochland Sheriff’s Office, is that the number scammers appear to be calling from – the correct number for the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office.

The Goochland County Sheriff’s Office emphasized that law enforcement “will never call about an issue of this nature” and recommend residents hang up and call the office back at the official number to verify the caller’s claim.

That’s because Caller ID isn’t infallible – and robocalls and scammers can fake or “spoof” numbers through a variety of methods.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) investigates spoofing scams, and if you receive a call you believe to be a spoofing attempt, you can file a report here.

Check out the FCC’s tips for identifying and avoiding phone spoofing scams below: