VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WRIC) — A naval law enforcement officer from Virginia Beach was convicted last week on five gun charges after he sold illegal machine guns to a federal informant.

Patrick Tate Adamiak, 28, was indicted in May on a total of 11 charges, but ultimately faced just five charges of possessing and selling unregistered firearms at trial.

According to an affidavit filed early in the case, Adamiak operated a business called “Black Dog Arsenal,” which came to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm’s (ATF) attention after an informant told them he had previously sold gun parts to Adamiak, and believed he was now selling illegal weapons.

The informant then reached out to Adamiak over email, asking if he could buy “Thompson things” — a veiled reference to Thompson machine guns. Adamiak eventually agreed to sell two to the informant for $3,250.

Adamiak wasn’t selling complete guns, however; he was selling so-called “single cut” receivers. The mechanism he sent the informant is the portion of the weapon controlled under U.S. law, that is, it’s the portion considered a “gun” — and one that he was not licensed to sell.

Adamiak sold “single-cut” receivers — guns that were technically inoperable, but could easily be repaired. (Photo: State’s evidence)

The receivers he sold had been disabled by cutting cleanly through a single portion, but the ATF said the receivers could “easily be made/restored into an operational machine gun.”

Over the next several months, the informant and ATF performed several more controlled purchases from Adamiak. In March, they finally obtained a search warrant for his home and raided it on the 29th.

Once inside, they found not only 25 more unregistered machine guns, but also two grenade launchers and two anti-tank missiles.

Adamiak could face up to ten years in prison, and he is set to be sentenced on March 31, 2023.