RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — In Richmond, a confusing traffic signal has residents concerned.

It’s at the intersection of East Main Street and Williamsburg Avenue.

The intersection reopened last week and drivers claim the traffic signal doesn’t clearly display that drivers going on Williamsburg Avenue have to yield on a solid green light.

“They think they have the right of way and they don’t, so they are not yielding,” said Rocketts Landing resident Erica Alston.

Williamsburg Avenue is considered a left turn but when drivers see the solid green light, they go on without yielding.

Since East Main Street reopened last week, residents in the area have reported almost 30 near-crashes.

“I was the second car in line,” Alston said. “The first car was almost hit head-on and I was almost hit on the driver’s side. So I just had to make some evasive maneuvers and, by the grace of God, I  was not hit and the person in front of me was not hit.”

Poe’s Pub is just around the corner from the intersection and the owner said it’s always been a problem spot.

“It causes some confusion and has caused a lot of accidents over the years,” said Mike Britt, owner of Poe’s Pub.

Some have suggested using a blinking yellow arrow for yield and a green arrow for the right of way.

“I don’t know what they can do. There is probably something they can do,” Britt said. Hopefully, they will work on that. One way or a another, there is going to be a lot more traffic coming that way.”

There is increased traffic right now since Dock Street is closed and being rerouted this way.

So if you are driving in the area, be cautious.

“When you come to this curve at that intersection just slow down a little bit because the life that you save might be your own,” Alston said.

8News reached out to the Department of Public Works about possible solutions for the confusion, but they have not gotten back to us.

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