MANCHESTER & VERNON, Conn. (WTNH) – 46-year old Simon Hessler remains behind bars as details emerge about his alleged secret business of ‘slave training’ and sex trafficking young girls.

A worker at the Baymont Inn & Suites which Hessler owns in Manchester says no one on staff knew of the alleged ‘sex dungeon’ he told an undercover officer he had at a rented house in Vernon.

Court papers show Hessler thought he was buying a young girl when he sent a picture online to the officer showing a room which had “… no apparent windows, multiple large beds, wooden carpentry type saw horses, heavy metal cage with a padlock… “

He also reportedly sent a picture of “… a young girl around the age of 10-13 and she’s dressed provocatively and laying on a tile floor.”

“My heart goes out to those innocent children through these years and I really hope that they get the help that they need,” said Lisa Pressamarita of South Windsor.

This news hits very close to home for Pressamarita who had two childhood friends who went missing forty years ago.

“Sick beyond sick I feel like I don’t even have words,” said Pressamarita. “That’s how disgusted I am about what happened here.”

According to the court papers an RV in the motel parking lot was used by Hessler as a ‘holding cell’ where after being dropped off the victims would be blindfolded, gagged, and handcuffed until he arrived.

While talking with the undercover officer online Hessler reportedly said he “… would not leave visible bruises but would ‘train’ her as a ‘slave’…” the rest of what he said is too graphic to report. He also mentioned using DCF/Foster kids or poor girls from Mexico as slaves. He thought the girl he was buying was a sixth grader in foster care.

“I am very happy that they got him but I also have a feeling he isn’t alone in this,” said Pressamarita.

No one at Ellington Volunteer Ambulance was available to speak about Hessler’s status as an EMT and no one answered at his Ellington home.

When contacted by police his wife asked if he “had done something with young girls.”

“They’re usually looking for some sort of sadistic act,” explained Erin Williamson with Love146. “They’re looking for an abnormal sexual act.”

Love146 works with survivors of sex trafficking and calls this case horrific.

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