Eating organic foods without overspending

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MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH)- Many people want to buy organic food items but find it’s sometimes too expensive. In January, many of us made the resolution to be healthy and save money, which is why we found out how you can manage both.

Each week you shop for ways to feed the family and for many buying organic, naturally grown, pesticide chemical-free food is ideal but not practical.

“I can see if you have more people that you’re buying food for then it might be prohibitive,” said West Haven’s Patricia Myers.

It’s no secret: organic costs more. But Whole Foods’ Michael Sinatra says there are short-cuts you can take.

“If it comes with a thick skin that’s going to be peeled away, in those cases it might be something you’ll be less inclined to buy organic,” Sinatra said.

Fruits you peel before you eat may be better to just buy whichever is cheaper. Some experts suggest oranges, pineapples, avocados, sweet potatoes and onions don’t necessarily need to be bought organic if you’re looking to trim costs. On the other hand, some say there are items best bought organic due to the amount of chemicals on them.  Things like apples, lettuce, strawberries, meats and peppers.

Sinatra also suggests saving money in the frozen food isle. He says it’s a misconception that it’s not as healthy.

“Typically a product that’s frozen is actually picked at its peak ripeness when it’s most in-season and it’s flash frozen immediately so that sort of harnesses in all of the nutritional value,” Sinatra said.

You can also save by shopping with the seasons. Organic fruits will soon be plentiful in the warmer months so stock up and freeze them yourself.

Another way to save is to avoid advertising that makes you think you’re buying organic when you’re actually not. The way to do that is to look for the certified USDA label and remember there’s no such thing as organic seafood because no officials standards have been established.

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