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RPS teachers petition for elementary grading policy change


RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Public School teachers raised concerns about elementary students’ traditional grading system.

The pandemic has eliminated the traditional classroom setting for many school districts, including Richmond. As a result, many teachers are calling for an alternative grading process while students undergo virtual instruction.

According to the petition, teachers cite the lack of documented grading criteria with virtual learning.

How do we grade one student who doesn’t have a Chromebook against another student who does? How do we grade one student who has parental assistance against another student who doesn’t? How do we grade a student who has technical difficulties but shows effort against another student who has consistent tech access but refuses to turn in assignments?

Statement from Petition of an Equitable Grading System for Elementary School Students in Richmond Public Schools

The petition proposed two recommendations “for a more equitable grading process” for virtual:

  • S-N-U scale: S (70-100) | N (60-69 | U (59 or below)
  • Pass/Fail: Students with estimated A-D work would receive Pass, while students whom teachers see no effort or little to no attendance would receive Fail.

Click here to sign the petition.


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