RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Absurd Snacks, a company founded and entirely run by students at the University of Richmond have launched their first products.

“It’s been so rewarding seeing all of our hard work pay off the past 7 months, so I know the launch will be really special for us,” said Absurd Snacks student CEO Grace Mittl. “The team has put their heart into building Absurd Snacks and we’re so excited to share it with everyone, especially those who have been superfans from day one!”

Absurd Snacks was founded as part of the Bench Top Innovations business class at UR. The 16 undergraduate students enrolled in the class spent 10 weeks experimenting with different food products. At the end of the semester, a “Bake Off,” was held to determine which product they would bring to market. A winner was chosen and the class became the company with positions ranging from directors of marketing to finance and sales.

On Monday, March 21, the company released its first product, an alternative trail mix that replaces traditional nuts with crunchy roasted beans. The mix includes chickpeas, fava beans, flaxseed, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, quinoa, green peas, and oats. According to Absurd Snacks, the product is high in protein with no refined sugar and is allergy-friendly.

As of now, the bags are available in select markets around Richmond, on the university’s campus and on their website here.