RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Moving into campus dorms looks a lot different this year. Freshman year is already a big experience for students and imagine adding on worries due to COVID-19.

VCU Freshman Alina Sinani just arrived on campus and said she already misses her parents.

“I’m actually pretty nervous, but I’m more excited than nervous because it’s a new chapter in my life,” said Sinani.

VCU freshman Novella Irving and Braydon Besecker said there’s a lot of uncertainty. While they look forward to making new friends, they say it will be more difficult during the pandemic.

“It’s a little weird honestly. I mean it’s fun, still meeting people, but it’s like the whole mask thing is kind of like different. It’s scary,” said Irving.

Freshman Aidan Leishear appreciates the precautions VCU is taking, but he believes…

“It’s going to be almost impossible for any college or university in America to protect all their students at all times,” said Leishear.

He admits parties are already happening on campus and it’s hard to social distance. 8News asked if he was concerned about putting his health and safety as well as others at risk.

“It will,” he said. “But I want to party”

Others say that type of behavior is too risky.

“Be careful. Just because we’re getting comfortable, doesn’t mean it’s over,” said Sinani who plans to focus on her studies during freshman year.

VCU Grandfather James Milvurn is glad his granddaughter is able to get her first year college experience; Especially since she did not get to finish out her high school senior year as planned.

“There’s certainly some concerns, but I’m happy they’re giving it a try,” said Milvurn.

Most VCU students told 8News they have online classes although some have a couple in-person as well. Freshman Mason Kozloff realizes that will come with some challenges and hopes teachers make virtual learning as interactive as possible.

“We have to be restricted on interacting with each other so it’s going to be hard. it’s going to be hard to get adjusted to it,” said Kozloff.

Freshman Lindsay Prichett feels confident on campus with the guidelines VCU has in place.

“I feel safe living in the dorms because before you moved, you had to test negative for corona so everyone living there is corona free,” said Prichett.

On campus, there are signs reminding everyone to wear a mask and social distance. Students believe the guidelines are helping.

“Hopefully we get back to normal soon and don’t get sent home,” said Besecker.

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