RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Governor Glenn Youngkin’s administration has proposed some changes to history and social science standards in Virginia schools.

It’s a 400-page draft that has gained support from some, but others aren’t happy about the proposed changes.

The newly proposed standards do away with former Governor Ralph Northam’s proposed changes like adding gender equality and climate defense to curriculum.

In the new draft, topics like LGBTQ+ issues, social justice and holidays like Juneteenth won’t be part of history standards taught in Virginia schools.

The draft said Virginia students should be exposed to historical facts, even when those facts are uncomfortable.

It goes on to say that teachers should work with students in age-appropriate ways that don’t cause anyone in the classroom to feel guilty.

The proposed changes include that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are framework for the country and that America is exceptional but not perfect.

The Virginia Education Association‘s president in a statement said the proposed standards are full of political bias and outdated language to describe enslaved people and American Indians.

Supporters of the draft, like the group Fight for Schools, said history can be inspiring but also dark, and that the proposed changes address those challenges.

The Virginia Board of Education will talk about the proposed changes on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

If the changes are approved early next year, students will see them for the 2024-2025 school year.