RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) — Richmond Wildlife Center is teaming up with Courthouse Creek Cider to bring wildlife rescue knowledge to the community.

A duck breaks its wing and you want to help it — do you know what to do? Melissa Stanley of Richmond Wildlife Center says the answer certainly doesn’t show up correctly when you ‘Google it.’

Stanley says that mishandling injured wildlife can be devastating to the animal.

“Rescuers typically have the best intentions when rescuing wildlife,” Stanley said. “However, most times the actions they take when rescuing wildlife ultimately cost these animals their lives and make our jobs as veterinarians and wildlife rehabilitators far more difficult.”

Stanley is leading an educational program at Courthouse Creek Cider located at 1581 Maidens Rd., in Maidens from 1pm – 4pm on Saturday, Feb.15.

WEB EXTRA: Melissa Stanley explains some of the issues with handling injured wildlife

The event will give people young and old a chance to learn the proper techniques for rescuing various species of sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife. Animal ambassadors will be onsite to help share the specific needs of their species — should you ever come across one in need of rescuing.

Liza Fierro-Choffi, the owner of Courthouse Creek Cider, says that 10% of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Richmond Wildlife Center.

You can also still purchase a worm to name after a bad ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend or a mortgage payment for an animal to eat at Richmond Wildlife Center.