RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) —  The Lawson family was in court Tuesday fighting to keep their two-year-old girl on life support.

“All I’ve ever asked for is for Mirranda Grace to have more time,” the girl’s father, Patrick Lawson, told 8News Reporter Tracey Smith

On May 11, the 2-year-old choked on a popcorn kernel, suffered a cardiac arrest and has been on a ventilator ever since. Doctors say she has a non-functioning brain stem and medicine is keeping her alive.

The parents of Mirranda Grace are fighting against VCU Medical Center, whose doctors want to perform a brain apnea test that would determine if the two-year-old is definitively brain dead.

“I know Mirranda’s going to open her eyes up,” said Lawson. “She’s still in there.”

On Tuesday, a circuit court judge issued a ten day continuance.

“She’s a beautiful little girl and she deserves a chance,” said Lawson. “That’s all we want, is for her to have a chance.”

In that time, the hospital is required to continue to give Mirranda Grace life sustaining car and also allows the family to find another hospital willing to treat her.

“Me and her mother and this man right here are going to fight for my daughter until the very last second,” said Lawson.

“I know Mirranda’s going to open her eyes up. She’s still in there.” — Patrick Lawson

The family has already reached out to Bon Secours St. Mary’s in Richmond, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore and the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk. All have denied the transfer requests saying they would provide the same treatment she’s currently receiving.

“We are hoping that there is another hospital that is willing to take her in and do that for her give her the best chance to live,” said Phillip Menke, the family’s lawyer. “So, we’ve got 10 days to find one.”

Now, the family is just praying for a miracle.

“If it wasn’t for everybody out there praying for my daughter she’d already be dead right now,” said Lawson.

The Lawson family did ask about other treatments that could be done on Mirranda Grace but in court, the doctor said the risks out weight the benefits.

The attorney representing VCU Medical Center said the hospital has tried everything to help the family but that they have to proceed with what medicine, science and the law say is appropriate.Find 8News on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; send your news tips to