The holidays are not over, many of you may be traveling this week or heading somewhere for New Year’s so here is a look at the travel forecast.

While today will be cool across central Virginia, a warm up is ahead for the Commonwealth.  If you’re heading out to Virginia Beach or Norfolk you’ll see temperatures climb back into the 60s and lower 70s over the next couple of days however you will have extra clouds here and there and the chance of some passing showers. But no big storms.

If you’re heading to the Western part of the state, it will be pretty similar with 60s and lower 70s through the middle of the week then cooling back over the weekend however by the time we get to New Year’s Day some steady rain could be moving in.

If you’re going up toward DC look for temperatures to remain in the 50s as they’ll be on the other side of our weather system and that’s going to keep them a touch cooler also with the risk of clouds and showers each and every day.

From Philadelphia to New York temperatures a range from the upper 40s to lower 50s through the remainder of the week into New Year’s and we should see quite a few clouds and the risk of some showers.

Traditional chilly weather will be found across upstate New York with temperatures in the 30s, but it looks fairly dry maybe a few rain or snow showers tomorrow and again on New Year’s Day

Western Pennsylvania is looking OK with clouds and a few passing showers tomorrow we will be in the 50s so we’re staying away from snow.

If you’re traveling to Charlotte or Columbia or Charleston and even Atlanta the weather looks fantastic with temperatures in the 70s and possibly middle 70s and we’ll see a fair amount of sunshine, but we actually might see some showers and thunderstorms which could disrupt some travel in Atlanta later Wednesday and early Thursday and that could be a problem if you’re traveling by air.

Finally, if you’re heading out into the Ohio Valley or Tennessee Valley you’re looking ok.  Out toward Charleston, West Virginia with temperatures in the 60s with clouds and showers around or at least the chance of it every day.  Louisville will be very similar with temperatures in the 60s with the risk of some showers.  Nashville will be a little bit warmer, and the concern will be later Wednesday as we could be talking about some strong to severe storms which could disrupt travel.