MECHANICSVILLE, Va. (WRIC)– It was a normal day at a local Mechanicsville shopping plaza until shortly before 1 a.m., when a man driving a pickup truck crashed into multiple vehicles, hit a pedestrian and drove through a local locksmith store, according to police.

8News talked with neighboring businesses who say they heard a loud boom when the truck crashed into the building. Thankfully, everyone involved is expected to be okay. But, as for the building, it will be quite some time before things are healed.

Bricks on the ground, glass, and poles torn from their foundations — this is the aftermath of a chaotic truck crash that left this store damaged. Hanover County Sheriff’s Office told 8News that a medical emergency is believed to be the cause of the pickup truck operator’s erratic driving.

The driver crashed into multiple vehicles, hit a pedestrian, and eventually drove through the front of the Key and Kopy locksmith store. David Harris says he’s used to seeing these kinds of crashes.

“You pull up and you go what the…I’ve seen it a million times,” said David Harris, owner of Colonial Door & Glass Incorporated.

Harris is the worker for Colonial Door & Glass Inc. who helps in situations like this. He’s tasked with making sure everything gets cleaned up and fixed.

“What we’ll do is board it up and make it secure. That’s pretty much all we can do for right now. And we’ll come back out, install it, and make it look like it never happened,” said Harris.

If the owners decide to have his company and complete the fix, Harris is optimistic that he and his crew can help put this building back together. But, he knows right now that doesn’t lessen any pain that the owners may be experiencing. And he says this will take a lot of time to fix.

“I feel bad for them. It’s their business. It’s their livelihood. Now they got to sit here and look through boards,” said Harris.

Hanover County Sheriff’s Office say the pedestrian has a non-life threatening leg injury. The driver was also taken to a nearby hospital but we haven’t received an update on how he’s doing. The question still remains on what happened to the driver that made him crash into the building.

For now, we’re told that is still under investigation.