KING WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Chris Couch, a farmer in King William County, is planting seeds to help customers know where their food is coming from — by delivering homemade salads to front doors all across the metro Richmond area.

His ‘farm-to-salad’ business model involves him handling every step of the process — from harvesting fresh vegetables, preparing salads and delivering them himself.

Couch says delivering the salads gives his customers a chance to not only have the freshest produce, but to also have one-one-one interaction with the man behind the food they eat.

His farm, Dreaming Tree Farms, is a subscription-based service that specializes in creating fresh and innovative salads.

“It’s something new and unique every single week,” Couch said. “The focus is the beginning of the week. We harvest on Mondays, we prepare salads on Tuesdays and we deliver on Wednesdays. What you find in the grocery store, a lot of the produce is grown out on the West Coast. Clearly, the big large agriculture companies are growing that produce, harvesting it, cleaning it, shipping it across the country — where this is 48 hours.” 

He says his connection with customers helps spread the word about his salads.

“The effort that we are putting into providing them with high quality food, the thanks that they give to me on a weekly basis, it makes it all worth the while,” Couch said.