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'It's just taking over everything I have': Mold forces local mom, daughter from home

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) -- Mold has forced a woman and her teenage daughter to leave their home in Dinwiddie County and left them scrambling to find another place to stay.

A mold specialist says the mold inside the home is so bad, it poses a major health issue and would take $20,000 to remove it. 

Kathy Hayes told 8News she can't afford the cost, but is hopeful that her landlord will eventually fix the problem. 

It's not the way she imagined her 17-year-old daughter starting her senior year of high school, but Hayes' focus has turned to finding her daughter a safe place to live. 

Hayes and her daughter have lived in their home on Cox Road in Dinwiddie County for six years. Their water heater busted two months ago, and that's when Hayes noticed mold lurking in the vents. 

"It's just taking over everything I have," explained Hayes. "I'm gonna have to start all over." 

There is an excessive amount of mold.

"It's taken over every room," Hayes told 8News. 

Hayes claims she now has Bronchitis and Pneumonia because of the mold, and also says she's dealing with a lot emotionally. 

"It's depressing," she said.

Hayes told 8News she called the property owner, a Mrs. Harrison, but nothing has been done so she filed a warrant in debt. 

"Right now my hands are pretty much tied," Hayes told 8News. 

8News went to Mrs. Harrison home for answers. She told 8News the situation is Hayes' fault because she should have told her about the mold sooner. 

She also said she has hired a contractor to fix the problem but has been waiting for Hayes to remove everything from her home or give her permission to remove it. 

"It makes me feel very sad," Hayes said. 

Hayes and her daughter are staying with a friend at this time. She said she also hired a mold specialist to come to her home next week to do an air quality check inside and outside the home. 

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