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'We are trapped in our own house': Flooding in Prince George frustrates residents

PRINCE GEORGE, Va. (WRIC) -- Heavy rainfall in Central Virginia caused flooding throughout the Prince George area Friday. A day later, the water receded, but the concerns remain. 

Cheri Hagans, a Pineridge Mobile Home Park resident, shared videos of homes being surrounded by high levels of water Friday.

She can be heard in the video saying, "This is what happens when it rains in Pineridge."

On Saturday, she spoke to 8News about how the community is still reeling from being underwater from Friday's flash flooding. 

"It came up to my knees yesterday," Hagans said. "I looked out the door and the entire place was just covered."

Almost needing a boat to get around, some decided to take a dip Friday. 

But on Saturday, a much different story. The once-flooded grounds dried out a little, but still, lots of standing water remain.

Hagans said she is frustrated because the water from rainfall is slowing ruining her trailer and attracting snakes and mosquitos. 

"This is crazy, it ridiculous," Hagans said, adding that flooding happens all the time because of recent construction at the mobile home development. 

"They took out all the existing drainage and now it has nowhere to go," she said.

With water spilling into lawns and gutters, many worried about their homes with more rain on the way. Some residents, even questioning management. 

"Why should we have to wade in water?" asked Hagans. "We pay over $500 a month in lot rent." 

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