HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A six-year-old girl saved her mother’s life with one phone call, a brave act that caught the attention of community leaders.

Jordynn Etheridge found her mom lying on the floor unresponsive on March 14. Her mother, Deja Etheridge, is a military veteran with a disability. She said she took some medicine the night before, but the next morning she felt lightheaded, dizzy and groggy.

“I think I made it up maybe two or three stairs and the next thing I know, it was like I felt myself going down,” Deja said. “I actually heard myself hit the ground, but by that point, I didn’t feel anything else, and everything just went black.”

Her daughter, Jordynn, ran outside while on the phone with 911 operators, so she could confirm their home address.

“My mom, I think she just passed out,” said Jordynn in the 911 call.

She greeted Hanover EMS crews outside as they arrived at their home. Deja’s mother and best friend also went to the home. 

Deja said her life was saved with just one phone call, and it’s because she taught her two kids how to call for help in case of emergencies.

“I don’t think she fully knew what happened, but when we talked about it afterward that’s when she realized how great of an effort she did to get me all the help that I needed,” she said.

Cheryl Buchanan, the director of Hanover County’s Emergency Communications Department said it’s important for families to plan ahead.

“It isn’t too soon. I would say as soon as there’s an opportunity to present itself, educate them,” she said.

She added that people can reach out to their local 911 center to help their family form an emergency plan and have conversations about emergencies.

Hanover County leaders honored Jordynn on Wednesday, April 13 by presenting her the 911 Lifesaver Award. She was also made an honorary communications officer.