RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Dozens showed up in Jackson Ward Sunday evening to mourn and honor Tommie the pit bull, who was severely burned and later died, as a final goodbye.

After Richmond Animal Care and Control decided to host a 5-day open house for people to remember Tommie, others in the community decided they wanted one final way to honor the dog they all grew to love.

“I have never cried or shed this many tears for any dog,” said Jordan Moritz, the vigil coordinator.

Two weeks ago, someone tied the dog to a pole and set him on fire in Abner Clay Park, but Sunday evening, the park was flooded with support for him.

“Everybody wants to be able to say goodbye,” Moritz said. “Everybody wants to come together as one and it’s important to be able to share that with the people in the community.”

Tommie died a week later on Feb. 15, and people are still upset about what happened to the pit bull.

“It’s such a devastating thing that happened to that poor dog,” said Neal Blair, who attended the vigil. “No animal, no human, nobody should have to deal with something like that.”

Blair and his wife have been volunteering at RACC for a while and tell 8News although this is sad, it’s still amazing

“It is absolutely humbling to just see the outpouring of emotion and support,” Blair said. “Even though Tommie passed this is going to help thousands, upon thousands and thousands of animals.”

All people want now is justice for the dog.

“If someone can do this to an animal, it’s just a second before it happens to a human,” Mortiz said. “And they don’t need to be out here roaming free,”

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