(WRIC) — Last night, a three-year-old girl was reunited with her parents thanks to the efforts of Virginia first responders.

State police said the girl got lost in the woods after she ran after her family’s dog, a yellow lab.

The Caroline County child was located by Nik Ronesi, a Chesterfield County Fire and EMS flight pracademic. Ronesi was assisting the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office’s search for the girl along with Jamie Graff, a VCU Health flight nurse, and Jeff Bush, aviation 1st sergeant-piolet.

Ronesi said he located the lost child by spotting the dog’s florescent collar in the air from his helicopter. Once spotted, Ronsei landed the MedFlight 1, waded through the waist-high marsh and scooped the lost girl.

Other than being cold and a couple of scratches, State Police said she was not injured.

While the three-year-old got a quick ride home to her parents in the helicopter, her dog passed on the ride and walked back to the house himself.