A Midlothian family makes running the Boston Marathon a family affair

MIDLOTHIAN, Va. (WRIC) —  A Midlothian father and his three sons will be running the Boston Marathon on Monday for the first time together.

Glen Witt, 60, and his sons Ryan Witt, 33, Kurt Witt, 32, and Jason Witt, 29 will all be running the marathon. Witt has six children — three sons and three daughters who all run.

“Jason is our most passionate runner. Shelly has run a half-marathon but is better at shorter distances and hurdles. Jenny is our social runner and has completed more marathons than any of us,” Witt said. “Ryan has the most speed and is the most natural of our runners. Kurt had to work harder to compete. Amy has been running all of her life.”

Glen Witt remembers when he was not always a runner. He would go out for light runs with his sons, who started running cross country in middle school.

After not being able to complete a course with his sons, he decided that we wanted to start training.

Witt ran his first marathon in Richmond, where he then qualified for the Boston Marathon.

He decided to not run and instead focus on training with his children. 

Witt encouraged their participation in cross country.

His children attended Midlothian Middle School and Midlothian High School.

Last year Witt’s youngest daughter, Amy, 26, ran the Boston Marathon.

“After graduating from college, most of the family has continued to run for fun,” Witt said. “That fun is sometimes quite competitive. For instance, Jason qualified for the Olympic trials in his very first marathon.”

Last year, Jason qualified for Boston in the Bayshore Marathon in Michigan, shortly after Amy ran Boston.

Jason asked his dad and his brothers if they wanted to run the Boston marathon with him. It was a challenge they all accepted.

Ryan and Kurt, who both live in Utah, were able to train together. Glen trained in Virginia.

“I searched Google for ‘training for slackers,” Glen said. ” I run 5 or 6 miles, three times a week, so I had to find a plan that would let me keep that kind of schedule.”

Watching his children work together to meet this family’s goal was Witt’s favorite part about qualifying.

“Running provided our family opportunities to be together,” he said.

The Witt’s choose Mt. Nebo Marathon in Utah to run together as their qualifying race. They knew that Glen, who had just turned 60, would easily meet the time requirements in that age category.

They also knew that it would be harder for Ryan and Kurt to meet their times, who have about the same pace.

Jason, who is faster and had already qualified for Boston was tasked with keeping his siblings hydrated, energized and moving.

The plan worked. All the Witt men qualified.

Glen (3:20:35), Ryan (2:55:54), Kurt (2:58:01) and Jason (2:39:35) will be running the Boston Marathon.

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