RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The personal injury law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen has announced the winners of its 2021 Hometown Heroes Award.

This award has been given out since 2010 and was started to celebrate the law firm’s 100th anniversary. The announcement said this award is presented to individuals who are nominated by their neighbors for committing acts of heroism in their community.

“Each year, our firm looks forward to connecting with the Hometown Heroes Award winners. These men and women are making tangible impacts across their communities, and we appreciate their efforts,” said Edward Allen, President of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen. “At Allen & Allen, we are committed to protecting the injured and carrying out our work in service to others, and it’s clear that each of these selections truly embody those values.”

Here are the 2021 Hometown Heros:

  • Allie Hill, Charlottesville
  • Margaret Thacker, Charlottesville
  • Marian Dixon, Charlottesville
  • Morgan Astrin, Charlottesville
  • Art Blankenship, Fredericksburg
  • Chuck Eley, Fredericksburg
  • Shreyaa & Esha Venkat, Fredericksburg
  • Cristina Rameriz, Richmond
  • Elvira De La Cruz, Richmond
  • James Burrell, Richmond
  • James Harrisv Richmond
  • Josh Green, Richmond
  • Michael Robinsonv Richmond
  • Nancy Rossv Richmond
  • Rob Reidv Richmond
  • Ronald Gerberv Richmond
  • Sally Sylvester, Richmond
  • Steve Martin, Richmond
  • Teresa Lopez, Richmond

You can learn more about the award, along with those who received it, online here.