AMELIA COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Some residents who work along a busy highway want to see improvements after several serious vehicle crashes.

A video from Aug. 31 shows a car upside down after it collided with another car. Virginia State Police responded to the accident at 4:18 a.m. The two vehicles were seen with severe damage in the middle of the street on Patrick Henry Highway and Goodes Bridge Road.

Eric Swann is the manager at a nearby Pizza Hut. According to Swann, he was doing paperwork at the time when he noticed the commotion.

A car was shown to have flipped after colliding with another car on Patrick Henry Highway and Goodes Bridge Road. Photo contributed by Eric Lorenzo Swann

“I just happened to look up and I saw the vehicle just turning over and over and I instantly just broke,” Swann said.

He said he left to go help direct traffic because the crash was causing serious delays and problems.

“When I ran out of there, the first thing that I wanted to make sure was if everyone was okay,” Swann said. When they pulled the guy out, he had one of those prosthetic legs and I freaked out a little bit ’cause I thought he had lost his leg.”

State Police said one person was injured.

Some residents told 8News that the intersection is scary, and that it has a yield sign to remind people when there are flashing yellow lights. Swann said he believes that is the reason there are accidents at this particular intersection.

“Somebody is going to lose a life,” Swann said.

According to Swann, this incident was the third time he’s had to help direct traffic. Additionally, other employees have gotten into accidents on their way to work.

“There’s got to be something we can do about this,” Swann said.

Virginia State Police told 8News that the crash remains under investigation.