ASHLAND, Va. (WRIC) — The Ashland Police Department is warning people of an upcoming marijuana “holiday,” and the dangers that may come with it.

“If You Feel Different, You Drive Different,” is the slogan police used to warn of the dangers, and illegality, of driving while under the influence– impressing that there, “will likely be an increase in marijuana use,” on Wednesday, April 20.

“With an uncertain history, April 20th (more commonly known as 4/20) has become synonymous with marijuana use and, in some circles, the date is a marijuana “holiday”,” the department said in a Facebook post Monday evening.

The department reminded people that drug-impaired driving is illegal nationwide, adding that it has been proven that THC can:

  • Slow reaction time
  • Impair cognitive performance
  • Make it more difficult for drivers to keep a steady position in their lane

“It doesn’t matter what term is used: If a person is feeling a little high, buzzed, stoned, or wasted, he or she should not get behind the wheel,” the Ashland Police Department said in the post.

Photo Courtesy of the Ashland Police Department