CAROLINE COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A family is pleading for help finding their missing loved one after she vanished over three decades ago.

Emmaline Gray was in her thirties in 1991, when she came home from working a shift as a manager at the Bowling Green Pizza Hut in Caroline County.

According to Michael Gray, Emmaline’s brother, he was the last person that saw his sister before she disappeared.

Gray said he was working on his car outside when she got into a vehicle with a man and a woman. Gray told 8News the two were a couple and he knows who they are.

“She said, ’I’ll be back.’ And I asked a question to my sister, ’Where are you going?’ And then she said, ‘I’ll be back,'” Gray said.

His sister never returned. Since that day, he hasn’t been the same.

“I feel like I’m lost without words to say,” Gray said.

He has been battling depression and anxiety.

In 1991, Gray and his sister lived in a three bedroom trailer with her children. At the time, he worked for a motor company where he washed and waxed cars.

Days after Emmaline went missing, Gray filed a police report with the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office. He then went to the Pizza Hut where she worked but employees hadn’t seen her either. He said he searched all over the county and even traveled to Tappahannock, to search the area where some of the family is from.

She was never found.

“It’s a possibility she’s still here on Earth. There’s a possibility she might not be here,” Gray said. “As I move forward, I ask God to give me this strength, to just hold onto his hand as I go through this process.”

Emmaline had four children total: three sons who are now men and a daughter. Gray said her daughter is a constant reminder of the loss.

“She looked just like my sister. Every time that I see her, I shed tears,” Gray said.

According to the Essex County Sheriff’s Office, Investigator Straton Beamer, worked on Emmaline’s case for years until she retired a few years ago.

If you have any information on the disappearance of Emmaline Gray, contact the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office at (804)-633-1120.