Cat recovering from being shot in Louisa County

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LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (WRIC)— A Louisa woman is breathing a sigh of relief as her cat survives being shot with a pellet gun.

Jessica Jones is the pet owner of 1 -year -old Taz. She said last Wednesday her cat went outside and when he came back in she noticed him limping.

After taking Taz to the veterinarian, she said they discovered he had been shot with a pellet gun.
The pellet chipped his shoulder and caused permanent damage, said Jones.

The veterinarian performed emergency surgery and left the pellet in Taz’s side. Jones said the pellet was embedded in a bunch of nerves, so the doctor left the pellet inside to prevent paralysis to his arm.

Taz is considered Jones’ best friend. He normally likes to play with his toys, walk around outside and play with water.

Jones said since his injury, Taz stays to himself more.

“If this person is able to do this to a sweet innocent cat what else are they capable of doing?” she said.

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division is asking for the public’s help to identify a person of interest.

Kathryn Anderson, who also lives in Louisa County, said her two dogs were also shot in the same area on East Old Mountain Road a few years ago. Her dogs Possum and Winston were hit with a shotgun when she wasn’t home. One pellet hit both dogs, injuring one of their front legs. 

“We thought we were actually going to lose the whole leg,” said Anderson. The pellet also hit the other dog’s back flank.

“It’s very frustrating because when you live in the country people are used to your animals. So if you don’t like animals walking around you shouldn’t be living out here,” she said.

Anderson said incidents like this are not uncommon in the area.

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