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'We have become islanders': Severe flooding leaves Central Virginia residents stranded

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) -- Severe flash flooding devastated parts of Central Virginia Wednesday night, leaving two people missing, one person dead and significant damage across the area.

For some residents in the Lewis Hill neighborhood of Albemarle County, it's a shocking site: Part of Holkham Drive -- the main stretch of road in-and-out of the neighborhood -- has washed away.

Most of the residents living there can get out, but on the other side of the huge gap in the road lives some residents completely stranded.

"Quite unbelievable," Anzhela Greene said, standing next to her young daughter Liza. "We woke up this morning realizing we have become islanders."

With no way of getting to the mom and daughter, 8News had to get creative to conduct an interview. Reporter Mark Tenia had to wind up and hurl his microphone over the massive gap. 

With no way of driving around the hole in the road, residents -- including Greene's husband -- went looking for ways they could walk to adjoining subdivisions.

"At 6 o'clock in the morning, he went around exploring," Greene explained. 

For now, the Greene's are taking the washed away road in stride. 

"Which we have now called one of the wonders of the Holkham world," she joked.

The 'islanders' are also grateful for the help they've received from their neighbors who weren't impacted. 

"Thank my neighbors for all their support, they are quite an amazing bunch of people."

Workers at the site Thursday said there is no timeline of when the road will be repaired, so residents are prepared to be stranded for some time. 

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