CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — Four children and one adult were taken to the hospital by ambulance Wednesday after a hazmat incident at a neighborhood pool in Chesterfield, with another 11 children taken to a local hospital by their parents.

Chesterfield Fire lieutenant Kenny Mitchell told 8News crews initially responded to reports that children at the Harpers Mill Pool were having respiratory issues and complaining of nausea.

An additional 25 people were decontaminated at the scene, meaning they were sprayed down by first responders. Crews also evaluated them at the scene, taking their blood pressure and checking their breathing to ensure they didn’t need immediate medical attention.

One Chesterfield fire engine was involved in an accident on Hull Street Road as it was on its way to the pool. No injuries were reported, but the pickup truck struck by the fire engine had to be towed away from the scene.

8News spoke with a mother, who asked to remain unnamed, and said she was at the pool with five of her kids – aged eight, seven, five, and two years old, and was holding her four-month-old – when they inhaled a “powdery substance” and started choking. The mother said she and her five children went to Chippenham Hospital for treatment, and then returned home.

While on the phone, the mother could be heard still coughing, hours after the incident.

Richmond and Henrico emergency crews were called in to provide “mutual aid” to Chesterfield County, providing units to stand by for other calls as Chesterfield crews responded to the incident at 8600 Pullman Lane.