CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Chesterfield is offering residents an opportunity to find out what is in their well and spring water, as private water sources are unregulated in Virginia.

Chesterfield’s Cooperative Extension Office is offering confidential water testing and education through the Virginia Household Water Quality Program.

Water sample kits are available to residents of Chesterfield and surrounding counties at a cost of $65 per kit. Samples are collected by homeowners and analyzed for 14 parameters, including bacteria, metals, nitrate and hardness.

Testing results are kept strictly confidential and are reported only to the homeowner. Recommendations for water system care and maintenance will be provided.

To secure one or more water testing kits contact Sierra Seekford at 804-751-4401 or or click here to register. Registration is required before August 12, and space is limited.