CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — A 7-Eleven employee has been charged with assault after a fight involving a DoorDash driver in Chesterfield. The incident was captured on cell phone video and turned over to county police.

Brandi Boulware has been working for DoorDash since 2019 and told 8News nothing like this has ever happened to her before. She said last week she was picking up an order at the 7-Eleven on Hull Street Road when things took a violent turn and she pulled out her cell phone for proof.

“Shock,” Boulware recalled. “Complete shock and my feelings were really hurt. In the video, my voice is breaking up because I think if I had less adrenaline, I probably would have started crying.”

As Boulware continues to process the shocking moments in that video, she shared it with 8News. It shows fellow workers physically restraining the 7-Eleven employee who Chesterfield Police have identified as 60-year-old Rebecca Surowicz.

“I started recording and she attacked me three more times,” Boulware said. “She tried to snatch my phone out of my hand and she grabbed the bag that was around my hand from my wrist and put a bruise on my palm. She lunged at me.”

Boulware said she logged onto the DoorDash app Friday morning and was directed to pick up an order at the convenience store. She asked another 7-Eleven employee for the order, the employee handed it to her and she walked out to her car. Boulware says that’s when Surowicz flagged her car down, yelling that she stole the order.

“She kept saying that I was stealing the order even though the lady that had given me the order was right there,” Boulware told 8News.

Boulware said she went back inside to resolve the issue and point out the employee who gave her the order.
In the cell phone video, you can hear the employee confirm she handed over the order twice. The 7-Eleven employee says, “I gave you your order” and “Ma’am I gave you the bag”.

The video is laced with profanity and you can see Surowicz push the DoorDash driver’s phone away. The 60-year-old woman is also seen aggressively approaching Boulware, putting her finger in her face and yelling.

In the cell phone video, Boulware says, “Look at her in my face. Stop touching me. You cannot put your hands on me”. Surowicz responds by pushing the dasher’s phone down and yelling “get out of my store”.
Later in the video, a long line of people can be seen at the register. Boulware says it’s upsetting that no one stepped up to help or say anything as she was being, in her words, harassed.

Boulware shouts in the video, “She accused me of taking a DoorDash order. She gave me the DoorDash order (pointing to another employee). She is yelling at me”

Surowicz responds yelling, “I said you can’t just take it. You’re not going to yell at me. No one has attacked you. Get out.”

Boulware admitted that in the midst of the incident, she pushed over a display to try to get the woman from making contact with her. Boulware went on to say that despite everything that happened, she refused to leave the 7-Eleven until police arrived.

The DoorDash driver says she is still dashing in the Chesterfield area and is not going to let this incident stop her. Boulware sharing she’s a single mother and enjoys the flexibility of the job. However, she is upset that 7-Eleven hasn’t “done more”. She says she called the customer service number and was told someone would contact her.

To her surprise, a Chesterfield Officer came to her home and made Boulware sign papers stating that she would not return to the 7-Eleven again. Boulware told 8News she was banned from the store for the destruction of property and trespassing. She wants accountability and for Surowicz to no longer be employed with the company.

“I was upset about her, but now I’m just upset with the whole company,” Boulware explained. “You’re turning this against me and making me feel really embarrassed and now I can’t go to a store right near by house that I’ve been going to for 15 years. I’m banned for getting attacked.”

8News reached out to 7-Eleven’s corporate headquarters for comment and the employment status of Surowicz, but did not get a response. On Tuesday, Surowicz was seen in the store ringing up customers and when asked for her side of the story, she responded with “I can’t talk to media”.