CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Chesterfield County Police Chief, Col. Jeffrey Katz inadvertently ended up reuniting a lost dog on Friday.

Last week, Katz, wrote in a Facebook post that he would personally cover the adoption costs for the first ten families that decide to adopt a new furry family member starting on Friday, July 1. The Chesterfield County Animal Services was offering $10 adoptions on July 2 and Katz wanted to help.

When the adoption special was over, however, only nine families had taken up the offer so Katz decided to make himself number 10. Katz announced he had adopted “Baxter” via a Facebook post on Thursday, July 7.

(Courtesy of Chesterfield County Police)

What Katz didn’t realize is that Baxter already had a loving family. Thanks to his Facebook post, Baxter’s original family was able to find him and were recently reunited.

“Thanks to each of you who shared the good fortune of my brief time with Baxter. Information sharing of this nature helps heal wounds,” Katz said in a recent Facebook post. “Baxter’s momma has been without her beloved furbaby since mid-June and she was heartbroken. Now, he is home where he belongs.”