Two months ago, Chesterfield County announced plans to create a school safety task force in the wake of the deadly shooting in Parkland, Florida.

On Wednesday, the county unveiled the new members of that task force as well as how they will be tackling the issue.

“Every day when you send your kids to school, you want to make sure that they’re in a safe environment,” said Delegate Roxann Robinson, R-Chesterfield County. 

Robinson sits on the task force for the county and is also on a select committee for safety on the state level.

“As the fourth largest school district in the commonwealth, it will be nice to see how they’ve already been approaching school safety,” said Robinson.

The county has broken members into four work groups, covering topics including the relationship between the schools and police, school safety, student conduct and discipline, as well as student support services.

Each group has different objectives that will look at how things are currently done and how they can be improved.

“It’s about as comprehensive as you can get,” said Sonia Smith, president of the Chesterfield Education Association.  

Smith also sits on the task force. She says while some safety measures will depend on the school, others can be implemented countywide.

“Protocol for when visitors come to the building and how they’re handled from one building to another, that should be a standard,” said Smith.

She’s hoping to come up with ways to help engage all kids.

“A level of mentorship with our students. Students that seemingly slip through the cracks,” said Smith. 

Meanwhile members say this is an opportunity for Chesterfield to be a leader on safety in the state.

“Being able to bring what chesterfield is already doing to the select committee, it will bring a lot to the table,” said Robinson.

Click here for more information about who is on the task force and the work groups.