CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The Chesterfield County Economic Development Authority announced Thursday it is withdrawing its request to bring a ‘mega site’ to Chester.

The ‘Matoaca Mega Site’ rezoning proposal aimed to rezone 1,700 acres of residential land and turn it into a major industrial complex. The idea would be to create a place ideal for a large company to build a manufacturing or assembly plant.

Since plans were announced last year, area residents have been fighting the idea of a ‘mega site.’

Resident Mike Uzel has been leading that charge.

“It’s certainly gratifying after all this time to number one know that people can still make a difference,” he said.

Supporters, meanwhile, argued the proposal would have given the area a huge economic boost.

Ultimately, however, the EDA cited the need for ‘greater community consensus and changes to the zoning ordinance’ in order for plans to move forward.

“The 1,750-acre site has characteristics that make it unique in the region, and perhaps the East Coast, in terms of elements important for economic development,” said EDA Chairman, Art Heinz. “The EDA believes the land can be an important part of Chesterfield County’s long-term plan for generating quality jobs and economic opportunities for our citizens.

“However, it is also clear that the proposed rezoning application did not result in a sufficient consensus in the community regarding the proposed use.”

Uzel says residents are not against development, but believes the community surrounding the area need to be involved in potential plans. 

“We’re not against development, but responsibly is how it should be done and to do that you need to involve the community,” said Uzel. “Something’s going to happen sooner or later with that property.”