MIDLOTHIAN, Va. (WRIC)– A Virginia family is warning neighbors after finding a bizarre and unsettling note on their front door earlier this month.

Cynthia and Jonathan Marcum told 8News they are concerned after finding a note from a man on their front door on Oct. 2.

The family said that in the note, the man had addressed their 11-year-old daughter.

8News has obtained the note. It read, “Hey, I noticed you looked beautiful one day going up the stairs.”

According to Jonathan Marcum, the man also left his name and number. The note stated that he would like to be friends. He also asked her to text him ‘sometime.’

“It threw me off. There were some red flags,” Marcum said. “I looked up the name and knew instantly who it was. I had seen him all over the place. I’m terrified for all the kids around. It’s a crazy situation that’s going on.”

According to Cynthia Marcum, she has seen this man in the neighborhood before, but she didn’t think much of it until now. Marcum said the man lived nearby.

Marcum said when she first reached out to the police, she felt her concerns were disregarded.

Marcum told 8News she ultimately then spent four hours in Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court to obtain a protective order.

Marcum was able to obtain another protective order for her daughter against this man on Oct. 17. She said it is for two years, and it states that the man cannot be within 1,000 feet of her daughter, their home or her school.

Her daughter is going to be carrying the protective order around with her as well. Marcum said that she was told that this was the most she could do unless the order is violated.

“She looks over her shoulder quite a bit. Just as any child out here, she wants to run around, play and be with her friends. She wants to know that she’s safe,” Marcum said. “These people are literally right at your door, and you have to protect your children”

Russell Stone is a legal analyst for 8News. Stone said a protective order is obtained from a court that orders a person to have no contact.

“A judge must find that the requestor is reasonably in fear of death or bodily injury from the evidence presented,” Stone said.

Stone mentioned that in light of the ages of the people involved, it is not a surprise that this was issued. There could be charges for making a threat or stalking, depending on the situation. If the man were to violate the protective order, he could receive up to 12 months in jail.

According to Chesterfield Police, this case would be considered an ‘isolated incident.’ It is not common enough in the county for authorities to be able to pull data.

However, police said if this were to happen to any other residents or parents, they should call their non-emergency number at 804-748-1251.