CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — A Chesterfield family is seeking a new home after a devastating fire destroyed their house and displaced 8 people in early September.

For Alley Raichous, it’s been a long 8 years. Since 2016, she’s experienced a miscarriage, and lost her closest family members – her mother, father and older brother – to illness. Now, she’s even lost her childhood home.

“I bought the house after my parents passed away with inheritance money,” she explained to 8News.

But the devastating fire earlier this month didn’t just impact her family, including her husband and two young children — it also left another family homeless as well. Raichous said they were living in the home as well, helping to cover energy and internet bills.

“They have a daughter who is three years old,” she said. “She was in the house as well, and thank god she’s safe.”

In fact, Raichous said, almost everyone made it out of the house safe and sound.

“Everyone was safe, the only tragedy that happened was unfortunately their guinea pig did pass away,” she said. “But other than that we’re all safe and healthy — and to some extent happy.”

She and her children – aged one and two – are living with her mother-in-law now, trying to build a life without her childhood home.

Raichous was just a week away from starting a new job as a teacher, which would’ve have allowed her to pay for insurance for the house — an expense her inheritance didn’t cover. Now, she and her husband don’t have the money to repair the extensive damage caused by the fire.

The Raichous family has set up a crowdfunding campaign under her husband Matt’s name to help them afford a new home. While the goal is set at $350,000, Raichous said they aren’t expecting to raise the entire amount.

“Every time we get paid a portion of our money goes into the GoFundMe,” she said. “So we’re not expecting you know, the community to pay that much.”

After crews battled the house fire for 30 minutes that Saturday, an investigation determined that the cause was an electrical malfunction — an unforeseeable accident.

“Even though it’s my childhood home I have to sell it, and that really does hurt,” she said. “It’s very painful, but I know it’s not something I can salvage – and it’s something someone else can.”