CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – The highly controversial Upper Magnolia Green project has been approved. The county’s board of supervisors voted 3-2 last night.

Citizens spoke against the project last night, but even after that and the months of debate, it ​was still approved.

It’s a plan that would transform more than two-thousand acres of upper magnolia green into a high-tech industrial and new residential community.

It’ll include an industrial park, 500 homes, new schools and a new library.

Last night’s meeting ​lasted more than four hours, with citizens voicing their ​concerns about funding, the environment, traffic congestion and more.

Nancy Cawood said she just bought a house in Westerleigh, but even as a new homeowner near the project site, she’s worried.

“I’m an outlier, okay? I just arrived here. But what I’m concerned about is I see a lot of people who are very unhappy about a plan. You all have been thinking about it for I guess a long time, so you must think it’s a good plan and I’m just wondering why,” she told the board.

Resident Kasey Terrill said the concerns are real, but the bigger issue is that elected officials aren’t listening to those concerns.

“We are your boots on the ground. We are your assets. You should be coming to us if you think this is a great project, and you should talk to us and work with us. Not stand up here and look at us as your enemies,” she said.

The county says construction on the Powhite Parkway would have to be completed alongside development of Upper Magnolia Green.