CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Chesterfield mother says she is planning to upgrade her home security after an Amazon delivery driver entered her home without permission.

Lydia Johnson spoke with 8News about her immediate response after finding an unknown man inside her house.

“I just stood there in shock like what the heck is going on,” Johnson said.

On Tuesday, Jan. 10, Johnson said she had scheduled a routine grocery delivery to her house for some time between 8 and 10 p.m. In the delivery options, she says she specified for the delivery person to knock on her door instead of just leaving the items outside.

Those instructions, however, were not followed.

Johnson said her 12-year-old grandson was the first to notice and alert her of the situation.

“Grandma there is a guy downstairs, I guess you know him,” she recalled her grandson saying.

According to Johnson, the delivery driver didn’t knock or ring the doorbell as instructed. Instead, he opened her door and walked inside.

Chesterfield County Police Department confirmed that a complaint had been filed.

“On Jan. 12, police received a report that on Jan. 10 a delivery driver had entered the complainant’s residence without permission to deliver items. The delivery driver left the items and left the residence,” a Chesterfield police spokesperson said.

Johnson also filed a complaint with Amazon. A week later, 8News reached out to the company as well and received the following response:

We’ve apologized to the customer and explained that this does not represent the high standards we have for drivers who deliver our packages.

Johnson then received an email from Amazon notifying her that her delivery would be reimbursed in full. She says she now plans to be more cautious moving forward.

“Making sure that my door is locked, and I am just staying on top of deliveries,” she said.

The Better Business recommends online shoppers pay attention to tracking numbers and check their delivery progress periodically. Requesting a signature can also ensure that packages are not left on doorsteps unguarded.