CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Chesterfield neighborhood is not feeling the welcoming spirit when it comes to a new business that’s being placed right in their own backyard, but, zoning for a Sheetz at Lucks Lane has already been approved. 

While construction has yet to start for the new business, neighbors that live in the Cottage Mill subdivision on the other side of the highway aren’t waiting until then to speak up. 

Ken and Carol Guerin are long-time Cottage Mill residents who say the neighborhood has always been a quiet one, and their cul-de-sac has been friendly and peaceful. They worry the opening of a 24-hour gas station will change all that. 

“People working at the gas station, they’ll be music pumping at the gas station, there’s fluorescent light, there’s traffic – uh, not a good mix,” Ken said.

Some residents were first notified of the gas station chain’s arrival through a postcard in the mail.

Other residents who don’t have homes that back into Lucks Lane had to hear the news through the grapevine like Cottage Mill resident Michael Cavanaugh.

“We weren’t ever even really notified like, hey, the county commissioner, you know, they should have at least given us a heads up months before this even went into effect, letting us know that this is coming up, ‘do you have any concerns,'” Cavanaugh said.

These residents say that Lucks Lane has plenty of land, and that business and residential living shouldn’t have to mix. 

“There’s business on both sides of it. There’s plenty of empty space over there. There’s no reason to be mixing. We are not Henrico. We don’t wanna be Henrico – want to mix use here. This is a residential area, and it should be a residential area,” Guerin said.

Some residents who have been in the area for more than a decade say they remember when Lucks Lane originally opened, and now they’re worried about the value of their homes.

“I think it’s not thoughtful enough for the current residents because we’re the ones paying the taxes around here and making this a safe neighborhood and building our neighborhood. I think it takes away from the value of our homes.”

8News reached out to contractors who said they have no comment.

Chesterfield County said the land is under a site plan review that’s when the area has been zone approved, and now the county is making sure the zone complies with county codes.

You can get a full look at the proposal for the Sheetz and more information about city planning on the county’s website.