CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — The Chesterfield Planning Commission has given a stamp of approval to a proposed 590-unit development on the site of what is now a shopping center and driving range.

The Rockwood Shopping Center and Golf Park is located at the intersection of Hull Street and Courthouse Roads, and currently hosts a pizza joint, mechanic’s shop and a hair salon.

Under the plan proposed by P.G. & M.C. LLC, a “foreign limited liability company,” according to, the site would be transformed into a dense mix of townhomes, condominiums and apartments, tied together by a central “recreational neighborhood facility.”

  • Rockwood Square

Under the current version of the zoning proposal, the developers could actually build two different versions of the proposed development.

Under the first, the developers would build:

  • A maximum of 322 units of housing
  • A minimum of which 75 would be townhomes
  • and a minimum of which 200 would be condominiums for sale

The second would create more housing, including:

  • A maximum of 590 units of housing
  • Including a minimum of 40 townhomes
  • A minimum of 300 condominiums for rent
  • And a minimum of 72 condominiums for sale

Any units built to offer for rent would be confined to the area marked ‘B’ on the map below, which is currently the Rockwood Square Shopping Center. For sale townhomes and condominiums would be permitted in either area.

The development is expected to have an impact on local schools as well, with the county predicting that when the development is completed, it could generate up to 217 students across all grade levels.

While the county projected that Providence Elementary School and Clover Hill High School, which students from the development would attend, would remain below capacity even with all of the potential students that could possibly move there, projections showed that Bailey Bridge Middle School will be at 104 percent capacity by 2026.

In the staff analysis, county officials wrote that they were “evaluating alternative solutions and exploring strategies for addressing capacity, to include redistricting, program relocation or constructing a new facility.”

The proposal was approved unanimously, and will now go to the Chesterfield Board of supervisors for a final vote, which it is likely to win.