CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — At a meeting on Tuesday night, the Chesterfield Planning Commission approved three new developments in the western half of the County.

Two of the projects feature a mixture of high-density townhomes and detached single-family dwellings, while the third is a single, high-density senior living facility.

Each project also includes a series of so-called “proffers” – provisions of cash or additional construction projects by developers designed to enhance the area around the proposed project and provide direct benefits to the county. See a summary of each project and the included proffers below.

17501 Genito Road

This project, totaling 245 units of housing, is actually three separate neighborhoods: one larger development of dense townhomes, and two smaller neighborhoods of single-family lots.

This map shows the proposed layout of the development, with Genito Road at the right edge of the map. (Map courtesy of Chesterfield County)

As a condition of approval, the commission required the developers to adhere to a number of environmental and infrastructural improvements. They include the addition of sidewalks throughout the neighborhood, the inclusion of recreational facilities and sediment traps in excess of state guidelines to prevent contamination of the nearby waterways.

631 & 701 Watkins Centre Parkway

This development, proposed near the intersection of Midlothian Turnpike and Route 288, would feature 283 units in a mixture of townhomes and single-family dwellings throughout a single, continuous development.

The proffered conditions include the construction of amenities designed to make the community accessible to pedestrians and bicyclists, including bike racks, “pedestrian-style lighting” and sidewalks tobe maintained by the developers.

5920 Harbour Lane

Just South of the Swift Creek Resevoir, this proposal won’t be for everyone – literally. The proffered conditions indicate this project will be restricted to elderly residents in accordance with Virginia hosuing laws – and “no persons under 19 years of age shall reside therein.”

A site plan shows proposed green spaces to be used as a buffer to surrounding neighborhoods. (Plan courtesy of Chesterfield County)

The development will also feature plenty of green space separating the facility from nearby neighborhoods, which are largely made up of single-family homes.

You can view a complete description of each project on the Planning Commission’s website.