CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A rash of car break-ins hit multiple Chesterfield County neighborhoods early Wednesday morning. Some residents reported multiple items were stolen and one resident even woke up to find their car was stolen.

A spokesperson with Chesterfield County Police Department said 10 cars were broken into with multiple items missing in the area of Brightwood Avenue in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Along with the break-ins, one resident, Selena Alejo, told 8News her car was stolen from Clovis Street. Surveillance camera footage from her residence shows a potential suspect driving around in a green Kia before stealing the car. 

Police later confirmed to 8News that the green Kia was another stolen car out of a different jurisdiction.

“I wouldn’t [have] thought I would experience it myself,” Alejo said. “But, apparently, it’s happened in this area which is shocking because there’s not a lot of commotion that happens in this area until recently.”

The Chesterfield County Police Department reports that these types of crimes are on the rise, with 220 cars stolen this year as of Aug. 15 compared to 218 at the same time last year. Additionally, when it comes to thefts from cars and stolen auto parts, the department has seen 170 more of those cases in the same time frame.

Alejo said she was thankful her family was able to get their car back later Wednesday afternoon. She told 8News that the vehicle had been damaged and they hope others do not end up in a similar situation.

“Always check every single door that’s locked [and] make sure your own house is locked,” Alejo said. “Make sure all your cars [are locked], even if it’s in the driveway and you don’t think no one’s going to go up to the driveway. They will and they will check your cars.”

Anyone with any information about these crimes is asked to contact the Chesterfield County Police Department.