CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A local delivery driver is behind bars after Chesterfield Police said he sexually assaulted a 92-year-old assisted living facility resident while she slept, and then returned to the facility again later in the day.

According to a release, the incident happened on Thursday, Dec. 1. at the Bickford of Chesterfield assisted living facility on the 11200 block of West Huguenot Road.

“There was an individual who was working as a delivery driver who had made his delivery and ended up wandering into a resident’s room and assaulting her, essentially groping her breasts, and he had his penis exposed at that point,” Sergeant Winfred Lewis with the Chesterfield County Police Department (CCPD) told 8News on Tuesday. “During this incident, the patient actually woke up and became upset upon the confrontation of this individual, was able to make contact with a close family member, who reached out to police.”

Authorities identified the suspect as Leon Sykes, Jr., 48, of Richmond.

According to a release, Sykes left the facility when the resident woke up, but returned later in the day, at which point he was arrested.

Lewis said that Sykes was at the facility to deliver a mattress cover to a hospice patient in a different room, and was working for medical equipment company AdaptHealth.

“Based on some questions that the officer asked and some statements from the employees at the assisted living facility, there could be a third party that AdaptHealth contracted to make the actual delivery,” Lewis said.

Given the nature of Sykes’ employment delivering medical equipment, Lewis said that authorities are concerned that he could have other victims.

“The type of deliveries that he was doing […] would put him in contact with, possibly, some vulnerable individuals,” Lewis said. “This particular part of this assisted living facility, as I understand it, was the memory care area. If we have some individuals out there who suffer from some sort of cognitive impairment and may be questioning whether or not something happened to them because of that condition, we would still like to, if there was some sort of incident akin to this, look further into it.”

Lewis said he wasn’t aware of specific security measures or policies at Bickford of Chesterfield that could have prevented this incident from happening. However, he said that the crime against the 92-year-old victim last Friday was captured on video.

Bickford Senior Living operates several facilities across the country. 8News recently reported on its Virginia Beach location because that assisted living facility became provisionally licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services (DSS), meaning it failed its license renewal inspection.

State records show that Bickford of Chesterfield was last inspected in October, with its one-year license set to expire on the 28th. The DSS website has not been updated to reflect the status of its license after that date. 8News reached out to the DSS inspector who last visited the facility, but has yet to receive a response.

During the inspector’s July 2022 visit to the facility, which was brought about as the result of complaints, violations were recorded regarding managing falls risks for residents and implementing care plans. Among Bickford of Chesterfield’s noted plans of correction was the assertion that resident supervision would be increased.

8News reached out to Bickford Senior Living and Bickford of Chesterfield about this incident, as well as safety measures to prevent such crimes from happening again, but has not received a response.

“On initial contact the [Chesterfield Police] officer had with the employees of the facility, they did not know who this individual was,” Lewis said. “But, fortunately, they were also very vigilant. So when [the suspect] came back a little bit later, they’re the reason that we were able to get back out there and detain and identify him.”

It remains unclear how Sykes was able to access the alleged victim beyond his assigned delivery, and how long he was at the facility.

AdaptHealth provided a statement to 8News indicating that Sykes has been terminated and the company plans to “cooperate to the fullest extent possible with any law enforcement investigation.”

“We are aware that an employee of Roberts Home Medical, an AdaptHealth subsidiary, was taken into custody following an alleged incident at a managed care facility in Midlothian, Virginia last week,” a representative of AdaptHealth told 8News. “The allegations are shocking and go against everything we stand for as a company. Our deepest concerns and sympathies at this time are with the victim and the victims family.”

AdaptHealth also stated that all employees are subject to criminal background checks before being hired and go through behavioral, ethical, and compliance trainings while they are employed.

“There was nothing in the employee’s background to preclude employment, and there were no indications during his time on the job of illegal or unethical behavior,” the AdaptHealth representative said.

Chesterfield Police’s investigation is ongoing.

“The act is so brazen and so bizarre that it leads one to believe that it may not have been the first time that this has occurred,” Lewis said. “If there are other victims out there that have had an encounter with this individual, that have been victimized, or maybe an employee at another facility that has noticed some bizarre behavior on his part, we certainly would like to know about that.”

Court records show that Sykes is currently behind bars, and is due in court in January.