Chesterfield resident targeted by fake Comcast phone scam: ‘It made me feel vulnerable’

Chesterfield County

A Chesterfield resident is warning locals that use “Xfinity Comcast” as their cable television provider about a phone scam circulating the area.

“It made me feel vulnerable,” said scam victim Barry McGee.

McGee told 8News it all started with a phone call. The caller ID showed up as a Comcast service so he answered.

“They said something’s wrong with your modem, computer, and all, and we’re unable to send you updates,” McGee said.

McGee said that’s when his computer was hacked.

“They had me press on this Windows button which brings up this button and had me type here in this box, something config.”

Scammers then asked McGee for money.

“He said what I need you to do, is there a 7-Eleven near you, I said yeah why, and he said I need you to go to 7-Eleven and buy 3 game stop cards. One for 200, another for 200, and another for $100.”

That’s when McGee hung up, shut down his computer, and called Comcast customer service.

“They said that they were aware of scammers out there doing things such as this and that we never call you unless you ask us to call you,” McGee said.

8News contacted Comcast about the scam. They say if customers experience a suspicious phone call, they should call a service member to verify its legitimacy.

McGee told 8News he hopes sharing his story will prevent the scam from happening to others.

“I’ve never been scammed, I’m smarter than that, but when it comes across like that, what are you supposed to think?”

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