CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — After Chesterfield County released plans about a new use for Matoaca Elementary School, some residents are concerned.

The proposal put forward by Chesterfield County was presented to the community on Oct. 5.

The plan seeks to turn the old Matoaca Elementary School built in 1937 into senior housing, single-family homes and recreational space. Residents say they are disappointed to hear about the proposed change.

The old Matoaca Elementary School. (8News photo by Rolynn Wilson)

“I’m very upset about it. I feel like Chesterfield County has really let us down as a community,” said Brenda Sturt, a nearby resident. “I want the county to know that they need to involve their citizens in their decisions. It’s our community, they just can’t take a hold of it like that.”

Some residents say they weren’t made aware of the initial community meeting and would like to share their feedback, many of which include concerns over the additional traffic the plan could bring.

The old Matoaca Elementary School. (8News photo by Rolynn Wilson)

“The issue is this neighborhood isn’t built for that kind of traffic. They had traffic problems when the school was there,” said Sturt. She continued to say, “we can’t get in and out of our neighborhood when there is a lot of traffic there.”

Matoaca Supervisor Kevin Carroll says there isn’t an exact timeline for this project yet. Right now, the county wants to hear more feedback from residents through future community meetings.

For more information about when those meetings will be, you can visit the county’s website or social media pages. You can watch the first community meeting with a presentation of this plan on the county’s YouTube page.