Chesterfield woman injured in hit-and-run wants justice as driver, passenger still on the run

Chesterfield County

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Chesterfield woman has a broken arm, a bad laceration on her forehead, a black eye and an injured collarbone after being hit by another driver who ran through a flashing yellow yield light.

Chesterfield Police are now looking for two people who got out of the car and ran away after hitting Salema Robinson’s car on Wednesday, Oct. 6.

Robinson was driving down Huguenot Road after dropping by her mom’s job to bring her lunch when a car didn’t yield to her while turning left on Cranbeck Road resulting in a collision.

She said it sent her into a panic.

“The airbag hit me right on impact. And my vision just kind of went white, I couldn’t really see anything,” she told 8News in an exclusive interview Wednesday.

Both cars now totaled, are sitting at an impound lot with the bumpers hanging off of both.

Salema Robinson’s dog, Midnight, was in the car with her when they were hit by another car that didn’t yield on Huguenot Road. (Photo: Salema Robinson)

“I was just really panicking because I didn’t know if my dog was okay or not,” Robinson said. Her dog, Midnight, was strapped in the car with her when the crash happened.

Robinson said her dog, Midnight, didn’t have any injuries, he’s just shaken up and is getting a lot of extra love and cuddle time to help recover.

The driver and passenger of a Pontiac were trying to turn onto Cranbeck Road and instead slammed their car into Robinson’s Kia Soul as she went through the green light, according to Robinson.

“I’ve never experienced that much pain in my life before,” she said.

The driver and the passenger ran away from the scene. Now, Robinson wants justice so something like what happened to her doesn’t happen again.

“It kind of scares me because it makes me wonder, maybe if they’ve gotten away with it before and they don’t get caught again, could they possibly go and do this to someone else,” Robinson told 8News.

Chesterfield Police are still looking for the driver and passenger of the Pontiac. The department is investigating the incident.

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