CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC)–Business leaders in chesterfield got a first-hand update on the county’s current and future plans during Wednesday’s state of the county address.

Joe Casey, the county’s administrator, delivered the state of the county address by focusing on new infrastructure, retaining workers and investing in education.

He said the Genito special area plan, Upper Magnolia rezoning, and the Spring Rock Green development projects are top of mind for county leaders.

“All of these are community-laden practices and processes that include the voice of the people, how we can best design and fit something that works for them for us together,” Casey said.

He added that the county has ongoing struggles with retaining county employees like teachers and public safety members.

“We compete with the same talent that the private sector competes with, which is nonprofit sector and other governments,” Casey said. “Those professions need to have a good salary. They need to not have compression when they start, so they get paid more than the newer people coming in.”

So far, Casey said the county has been bringing in outside consulting firms and drafting implementation plans to improve retention.

Residents can also look forward to a potentially lower real estate tax rate soon to help moderate the impact of high tax bills from home sales.

“We have done something we’ve never done before,” Casey said. “We’re recognizing the fact that we don’t need to consume all of that tax bill money. We need to learn to live within a certain means.”

Casey said he is proposing to lower the tax rate by two cents, so if approved it’s it will go from 95 cents down to 93 cents.