CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond locals may already know the name “Clippers,” with their two barbershops in the downtown and Manchester areas. Now, Clippers is making a name for themselves in a new part of Central Virginia with their fresh cuts and uniquely “sweet” décor.

Maurice Carpenter is the owner of three Clippers barbershops. His newest location, christened “Clippers 3.0” opened in July 2022 at 4311 Old Hundred Road in Chester.

The original Clippers and the second location, “Clippers 2.0,” are both located in Richmond, at 1321 Hull Street and 14 E. Broad Street respectively. While Clippers is a known name in the City, when Carpenter was looking for a new location, he realized that the brand was less recognized just a short distance away in Chesterfield County.

“Nobody in Chesterfield had hear of Clippers,” Carpenter said “In the Chester area there wasn’t anything like Clippers, so I wanted to do something and bring it to Chester.”

Colorful, dripping ceilings greet every customer at Clippers 3.0 barbershop in Chester, Va. Credit: Maurice Carpenter.

Carpenter says it took about three months to plan and finally open the Chester location. When its doors opened, the most eye-catching part of the shop was clear. The ceiling of Clippers 3.0 is painted hot pink and accented with bright. three-dimensional “sprinkles.” The rest of the shop is outfitted in plenty of bright details, from neon lights and framed records to cartoon posters and teddy-bear shaped rugs.

The design is on par with the colorful, artistic flair Carpenter likes to bring to all his shops.

“If someone was to go to my shop, they would know it’s a Clippers because I use a lot of the same artists,” Carpenter said. “I design the barbershops and try to make it different from the last one I did. But I try to keep them based in art.”

But Carpenter says it isn’t the decorations that keep people coming back — it’s the work that his barbers put out.

Carpenter employs six barbers at each Clippers location, and says he owes much of the shops’ success to how he trains his employees.

“Sometimes I hire barbers that don’t have the skills, and then we train them and they turn out to be great barbers,” Carpenter said. “No one invests like me. People are happy paying because the shop stands out.”

In the future, Carpenter hopes to bring more of Clippers’ signature artistic flair to other locations, even outside of Virginia. He was recently approached to open a Clippers location in the Atlanta Airport and hopes that project will take off soon.

For now, you can visit Clippers 3.0 any day of the week. The shop is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday. Clippers 3.0 can be reached at 804-715-4939, and pictures of their work — and the shop’s bright interior — are available on Facebook and Instagram.